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High strength nylon based filament that is extremely durable and resistant to chemicals. The perfect material for making production parts.

Features include; low warping, very clear, low fumes. Works on UP ABS temperature setting.

Alloy 910 is a measurable advancement in 3D Printing materials technology from taulman3D. A combined tensile strength higher than the strongest co-polyesters, the durability of Nylons and a low shrinkage factor.

Made in USA


Nylon 910 is an excellent material for living hinges, snap lock parts and prints really well on the UP 3D printers when used with the right conditions.

Here are our expert 3D printing tips:

  • Predry the Nylon filament before printing, in your oven at 60c for 3 hours.
  • Use with a separate extruder block
  • Apply Elmers glue stick onto a cold bed glass bed or perfboard.
  • Apply two layers of elmers glue stick
  • Keep filament in a dry environment during printing as Nylon filament absorbs moisture very fast.
  • preheat bed to 70c
  • Print either raftless or with a raft, both work well.
  • Leave the top door open
  • nozzle temperature 260c
  • Support material is easy to remove
  • Printed parts right after printing are rigid and brittle
  • After printing pop the part in hot water for 30 mins
Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 12 cm

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