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3D printer flexible rubber-like TPE filament

This new version of Elastic-like or flexible filament is a super elastic type filament. Great for RC car tyres, tank tracks, living hinges, belts pullys etc. 

Note: It sticks to blue tape, kapton tape, glass. Excellent surface finish when used on glass or kapton tape. Support material requires a knife to remove, so works best for objects that don’t require support.

The diameter of this filament varies as it is so elastic, the minimum should be 1.65 mm to 1.8 mm. Best to have the spool on a bearing roll holder or just loose on the table. The slightest friction can cause the print to fail (thus slip on the drive gear)

Best to drop the platform by about 0.3mm from normal ABS. Print raftless at 0.25mm on fast for best results in shell mode.

Durometer Test Results: With a 1mm wall thickness on a Durometer A reading is 14. This is extremely strong and flexible, the thicker you print the object the harder and stronger it becomes.

Before your filament is packaged it is cooled and kept dry, then secured with heavy duty stretch tape, a desiccant is then added, then vacum packed in a nylon bag and finally packaged in a carton box. 


Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 12 cm

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