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Welcome to Kai’s Clan –  a totally immersive and collaborative AR and VR Coding Experience.

A place where the physical and the virtual worlds merge to become an interactive learning playground.

Students code their robots to navigate the mat in real life, in real time, wherever they are in the world.  At the same time their 3D characters collaborate in a virtual environment.

Kai’s Clan breaks the traditional geographical barriers to bring kids from around the world together and allow them to solve challenges in exciting new ways.

As global and digital citizens of modern society, we need to foster collaborative learning in our children.

You can start this learning revolution today, with Kai’s Clan.

What’s included…

4x Kai Robots (rechargeable batteries included – 4 hrs play with 1 hr fast charge time)

1x Rescue Run AR VR Adventure Mat (tough & durable neoprene)

1x Smartphone Tripod (smartphone for tracking robots not included)

Kai Bit Sensor Pack

4-way USB Charging Cable

QR Sticker Pack

Kai’s Coding Cards Packs

Quick Start Guide

Various spare parts

+ includes education lesson plans.

Kai’s Eye Robot Tracker app available for download in the Google Play or Apple App stores.

Kai’s Clan Virtual Viewer AR VR app available for download in the Google Play or Apple App stores.


You’ll need an Android or iOS Smartphone with video capability of HD720p to run the “Kai’s Eye” robot tracker app

iPad, Chromebook, Windows or Mac using Chrome or Safari for students to code.

Wi-Fi Internet connection

Augmented Reality works with iPad or Android

Virtual Reality works with Android or iOS Google Cardboard compatible devices.


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