Safety First

HEPA air filtration system to clean the print chamber of particle emissions

up mini 2 control 3d printer from touchscreen
up mini 2 control 3d printer from touchscreen

Smart Touchscreen

Extrude, withdraw, preheat, reprint with a simple touch of a button from the touchscreen.

up mini 2 3d printer resume and recover midprint from powercut
up mini 2 3d printer resume and recover midprint from powercut

Power Loss Recovery

 Mid-printing a 10+ hr project and suddenly hit by a power cut?

Simply resume print where it left off!


iPad - iPhone

Download the app and start printing from your iPad or iPhone

up mini 2 control 3d printer from touchscreen
up mini 2 control 3d printer from touchscreen

Control your printer wirelessly!

Whether you’re in the same room or a different room.

Control your UP Mini 2 without being tethered to the computer!

your UP Mini 2

Safety First

Look after yourself

No matter what printer you are using, Ultra Fine Particles (UFP) will be produced; after all, we are melting plastic. A basic requirement for all 3D printers is to have an enclosed print area, but it is simply not enough to keep you from being exposed to the emissions. Unless you have installed a venting system yourself, the UFP will still be present in the enclosed print chamber.

Now, here’s the what sets the UP Mini2 apart from other FDM 3D printers: UP Air Filter system. The UP Air Filter is an advanced, two-in-one system made up of the HEPA filter and Active Carbon Filter that constantly works to draw in the UFP and VOC emitted during printing. 

smart HEPA filtration system for safer 3D printing, includes active carbon filter

Last 300hrs / 3 months of printing

All 3D printers when printing with ABS or PLA have been characterized as high emitters of Ultra Fine Particles.
Having a 3d printer with HEPA air filtration system can dramatically reduces exposure by around 93%, especially in an office or classroom environments.

Having a 3D printer with HEPA air filtration system can dramatically reduce exposure, especially in an office or classroom environments.
The UP BOX’s HEPA filter and enclosed print area reduce up to 91% of the UFP emissions. Both the UP Mini2 and UP BOX+ utilises the same UP Air Filter technology.

Small but Powerful

Everyone’s favourite little desktop 3D printer, the UP Mini, has been given a makeover both inside and out. The UP Mini 2 combines users’ favourite features from the UP BOX and UP Plus 2; it is now capable of reducing exposure to particle emissions with the built-in HEPA filtration system; auto-levelling and auto height detection; improved printing resolution of 0.15 mm per layer.

The UP Mini 2 has also been upgraded with new features like controlling the printer through WiFi, touch screen control and most importantly the ability to resume on power outage!

The Up Mini 2 packs a powerful punch for its size while still remaining affordable and easy to use.

Ideal for the Prosumer

Professional parts at your fingertips

The UP Mini2 3D Printer can print professional (150 micron detail), huge, tough and functional parts faster and more affordable right on your desk.

The UP Mini2 is a fully-enclosed unit, with a smart white and compact external body. The extendable sturdy aluminium handle makes it easy to relocate the printer from room to room and makes it easy for when you want to print on the go.

Have one in the office, classroom or the workshop; it’s truly a sophisticated piece of manufacturing equipment.


Rapid prototyping

Print complex & functional parts

Fully functional mechanical gear parts printed with UP 3D printers

The UP Mini2 puts the FUN in Functionality

Improve your 3D printing experience

Just because it is a compact unit, the features of UP Mini2 is by no means unimpressive nor meagre because of its size. We have crammed all the best functions we think will help make your 3D printing projects a breeze into the modest printer. From internal LED lights to help you with keep an eye on the progress of your print, to the handy handle for portability,
to the touchscreen for quick and simple operation of the printer, plus many more.

Pull the plug on power outage woes

You’re on your final leg of a long, long print job; the end is near and it only has about half an hour to go. Suddenly you’re struck by a power cut, you forgot to pay the electricity bill or someone accidentally turned the power off.

Hours, wasted! Filament, wasted!

The new smart feature of the UP Mini2 allows you to pick up from where you left off and finish off the print seamlessly. Users are prompted whether they want to resume the print upon turning the printer back on.

Usability and Portability

Control directly from the printer

The touch screen on the printer is a new added feature which allows for ease-of-access control. You can also re-print up to 10 most recently printed files, it’s all stored in the printer! UP Mini 2 tries its best to make it convenient for you so you can print on the go.

Take your UP Mini2 with you

Transport your UP Mini 2 safely and with style: the aluminium handle makes it easy to carry. Simply lift the handle up for hassle-freerelocation of the printer and push it back down for an unobtrusive and seamless touch when you are done.

Not finished that print, but need to go? Simply switch off the Mini 2 mid-print and take the printer with you! Yes, you can switch on and continue printing where it left off. The new UP mini 2 is one neat little printer, packed full of features!

Create beautiful art

Colour your world with beautiful designs

Beautiful and colourful 3D printed rose with vase, printed with UP printers

Wireless Connectivity

Printer in the garage or workshop but the computer is in the study? Run out of USB connection ports? You can now connect and control your UP Mini2 3D printer remotely via WiFi. This will give you, as a user, the ability to print without being in the same room.

All you need to do is set-up your UP Mini2 to join the same network as your computer or device with WiFi access and you’re good to go. Too easy!

No more being tethered to the computer; make your workspace and floor cable-free.


Full 3D printing specifications for UP Mini 2 3D printer

UP Studio

Import. Adjust. Print.

The UP Studio software is packed with a number of tools which allows for some simple yet effective way of controlling how you print with your UP Mini2:

  • Scale, Move, Rotate
  • Duplicate and merge models
  • Create custom printing profiles – With any of the UP printers you are not locked down to proprietary filaments. If you have other filaments with different printing properties, you can create customised temperature settings for the platform and nozzle suitable for the filament.
  • Reprint the last model or store up to 10 files with saved printing settings
  • Wireless setup
  • Simple 2D image to 3D lithophane converter

Download the latest UP Studio software

Control at the palm of your hand

Are you using an iPad? The newest software, UP Studio, has made it that much easier to wire up your iPad to the Mini2, without actual wires! How awesome is that?

You can control the printer straight from your iPad! Simply connect your printer to the iPad via WiFi. Just download the app for your iPad from Apple App Store and have the ability to print with your UP Mini2 at your finger tips

ipad iphone icon

What’s in the package:

  • UP Mini 2 Desktop 3D Printer
  • Spool and Tool holder
  • One free spool of 1.75mm tough ABS plastic filament
  • Sample ABS & PLA filaments (try it before you buy it!)
  • Perfboard x 1 | UP Flex Smooth board x 1
  • USB Cable
  • Wide selection of tools to maintain and service the printer
TierTime UP Mini 2 3D Printer, with filament holder for 3D printing

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